Who made the cut in HealthTech & BioTech?

startups in healthech

Talent and innovation go hand in hand in the results of the third Open Call of X2.0

Digitalization has impacted all industries, but the healthcare industry is one that has experienced it in a more rapid manner. It has posed a challenge for all companies focused HealthTech & BioTech, especially SMEs. The challenge for these companies is to swiftly adopt new digital technologies while avoiding and managing incremental operational risks to healthcare organizations.

X2.0 has received almost 120 applications for this cohort, and after a thorough evaluation process following the evaluation and selection criteria, the 10 have been selected. They offer advancements in this sector, ranging from improving patient outcomes to accelerating drug discovery. They also cover areas such as the prevention of treatment errors in radiotherapy and pioneering technology that offers holographic enhancements, as well as the diagnosis and prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

They are the ten innovative startups that can revolutionize the Health Tech & BioTech sector

To discover the innovative solution behind each one, you can check their profiles!

Startup Country
Arcella Bio Netherlands
VeritaCell Latvia
PreCure Denmark
Albametrics-BrachyDOSE Lithuania
Fuller Vision Serbia
BEAT Therapeutics Portugal
Spika Tech S.L. Spain
iLoF Portugal
Suil Pharma Ireland

Regarding the business category, for this cohort, we have opted for more developed startups, with Scaling in Products and Markets dominating with 50% representation, followed by 30% representing Product-Market Fit.

What are they looking for to continue growing?

From X2.0, we are offering six categories of services for each of its 5-month programs from impact builders. As illustrated in the table below, all the offered services are highly sought after. As with the previous call, the most demanding service is Financing/Investment Seeking”, followed by Business Development / Scaling and Promotion & Communication. The least requested service of  “Scientific Needs” was selected by 43% of applicants, also in line with the first Open Call, in addition
to “Commercialization and Legal Needs”.

Type of Service # Applicants
Financing / Investment Seeking 8
Deeptech / Scientific Needs 4
Business Development / Scaling-up 7
Promotion & Communication 3
Internationalization / Soft-landing 3
Commercialization & Legal Needs 4

X2.0 has built a strong ecosystem with over 180 service providers that can guide startups in their growth process and help them address their needs following a proprietary matching methodology.

Addressing the gender gap is one of the pillars for the progress of the X2.0 project

Supporting women in tech, including those in leadership roles. Of the total submitted applications, 61% were led by women, which is a substantially higher proportion compared to the second Open Call (28%). Interestingly, this may be due to the focus of the call – HealthTech & BioTech. It is also worth noting that the majority of the selected startups have women as both leads and core team members (90%)

Another pillar of our mission is to promote the growth and strengthen relationships between moderately innovative and highly innovative regions. The Open Call successfully reached its target groups, with 27 countries represented, 24 of which are EU member states. Nine of the selected startups meet at least one of the criteria, including having a Seal of Excellence (SoE), women in the core team, and being located in  Widending Countries

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