Sensing Tex, S.L.

HealthTech & BioTech


At Sensing Tex, the aim is to democratize the use of soft, flexible, and stretchable Electronics & Artificial Intelligence, unleashing the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) and enhancing the capabilities of technology in every application. From smart beds to clothes, Sensing Tex develops technology that enables people to communicate and interact with every object in their surroundings to Predict & Prevent.

Industry domain

Stretchable Electronics
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Internet of Things (IoT)

Investment stage and needs

The company has raised up-to-date seed capital and is currently seeking a Series A round. The main shareholders and founders are actively searching for a strategic investor partner who can enhance the company's solutions.



Pitch deck

The X2.0 Acceleration Program


Miguel Ridao
Co-Founder & CEO & Sales
Luis Gomez
Co-Founder & CTO
Martín Piqueras
Software Director
Francisco Rivas
Hardware Director

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