AgroVisio visits ICT HUB in Belgrade

AgroVisio, startup selected in our 2nd Cohort visited ICT HUB in Belgrade and presented their innovative solution!

Written by Milena Milićević, the digital transformation and business development consultant:

“As part of the X2.0 cohort, the Agrovisio team visited Belgrade mid-November and presented their innovative solutions.

The startup and corporate communities based in Serbia met Agrovisio’s founders throughout several days and learned about their product and portfolio of services.

The highlight of the visit was their showcase at the ICT Hub about the digital transformation in agriculture. Agrovisio’s Co-Founder Emre Tunali and Todo Terzić, Regulatory Reform Manager at NALED (National Alliance for Local Economic Development) discussed How can collaboration between ag-tech startups transform agriculture?

Todo Terzić presented NALED’s collaboration with diverse stakeholders in the agri-business, academia and institutions. He explained how they contributed to a modern regulatory and institutional framework in the food and agriculture sector in Serbia and what comes after the e-Agrar projects and the Agricultural Alliance they established. It was interesting to hear about NALED’s 2025 Agenda and how they also continue to implement the Farm to Fork Strategy.

Emre Tunali expressed interest in Serbia’s agri-tech ecosystem that involves food-processing companies, startups and academic institutions for primary crops. He shared Agrovisio’s product road map and how they delivered so far to clients in the markets of Turkey, Italy, Estonia, Central Asia and beyond.

Emre and his co-founder invited the audience to test Agrovisio’s products and to join the consortiums for future European projects regardless if they come from the field of ag-tech startups, regulators, agricultural institutes or food companies.

On behalf of ICT Hub and X2.0 project, Filip Ilić welcomed the audience and shared insights about innovation networks in Belgrade and Serbia. Likewise, Milena Milićević was incredibly helpful in setting up the entire visit for Agrovisio team as she serves as the Internationalization and Business Development Consultant in the X2.0 program.

The autumn weather in Belgrade brings changes yet it was very fruitful for the agri-tech startups and audience to mingle, to get to know each other and to establish foundations for collaborating beyond borders. We are excited about follow-ups and future initiatives with colleagues that deliver ag-tech projects on a regional and European level. Thanks to all who recognized this pioneering initiative at the early stage”.