Help up to select the 10 brightest deeptech startups in Europe!

External evaluators for the 1st OC

X2.0 is looking for evaluators for the OC1 to help on the selection of the 10 brightest deeptech startups and SMEs in Europe in the field of Manufacturing & Circular Economy that apply to be part of our service provision programme.

We are currently looking for evaluators with experience on Manufacturing & Circular Economy (vertical focus of the first open call for startups). In addition, it will be very valuable previous experience in start-up creation, business development, innovation and fundraising.  

Eligibility criteria

Applicants with residence in a country under one of the following categories:

  • The Member States (MS) of the European Union (EU), including their outermost regions. 
  • The Overseas Countries and Territories (OCT) linked to the Member States; 
  • Horizon Europe associated countries (those that have signed an agreement with the EU as identified in Article 7 of the Horizon Europe Regulation): according to the updated list published by the EC;

What do you get in return?  

The selected evaluators will be paid for their time and work in the evaluation process. A contract will be signed between the evaluator and the coordinator of the programme (F6S). 

Two expert evaluators will be selected. Available budget for the evaluations per evaluator is 600 EUR for 30 proposals. Evaluators will have 9 days to complete it. The estimated proposal length is 5 pages maximum.

Evaluation process

The evaluation process is divided into 5 steps:

  • Step 0: Eligibility verification
  • Step 1: Internal Evaluation and Shortlisting by X2.0 consortium for External Evaluators
  • Step 2: External Remote Evaluation 
  • Step 3: Ranking of proposals
  • Step 4: Consensus meeting and Final Selection

The work of the external evaluators will start in Step 2 when about 30 proposals have been shortlisted by the X2.0 consortium in Step 1.

They will be provided with a training and template for the creation and delivery of evaluation summary report for each of the evaluated startups. They will also participate in the Consensus Meeting and Final Selection.

For more details on the evaluation process, check the Guidelines for Applicants prepared for startups of OC1 (Section 5.5)


  • The call for evaluators is closing on 23rd February.
  • The selection of external evaluators will take place at the end of February and selected candidates will be invited  to sign the service contract.
  • The evaluation work performed by the evaluator will take place from 16 March to 13th April.

Please fill in the following FORM by February, 23, noon. 


What is X2.0?  

X2.0 is a EU funded project to support 50 deep-tech EU start-ups to upskill and upscale and become the future leaders of Europe by providing need-based, custom, industry-focused growth services to them. 

Selected startups will receive a voucher of €30k from x2.0 to pay for different supporting services to help them to grow their businesses.

Find out more about X2.0 Project.