Arcella Holding B.V.

HealthTech & BioTech
The Netherlands


Arcella has developed an evidence-based data analytics platform with the objective of improving patient outcomes and accelerating drug discovery. Our portfolio of products provides data analysis and actionable insights for critical business questions in the biopharmaceutical industry — Drug Combinations, Indication Expansion, and Patient Responder Analysis. A Patient App that empowers patients in managing, storing and understanding their own data. As well as, the API, for everyone who wants to gain access to the most structured biomedical database (over 6+ billion scientific sentences and 40+ million images).

Industry domain

Digital Health

Big Data

Data Analytics

Investment stage and needs

Arcella is raising €3,5 million Seed round to hire the necessary talent and launch the Cancer Patient App to its first 250 subscribers. Continue the development of more advanced features and establishing a relationship with the sequencing company.

Pitch deck

The X2.0 Acceleration Program


Anna O’Leary
CEO and co-founder
Pavels Kartasevs

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