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BEAT Therapeutics is a pharmaceutical company committed to redefine cancer treatment. Our mission is to develop more effective therapeutic options for patients facing hard-to-treat cancers. Our first drug candidate is a first-in-class targeted therapy which inhibits a key driver pathway in cancer cells, showcasing extraordinary efficacy and safety, and effectively eliminating chemotherapy-resistant cells. We work towards establishing a new standard of care, marked by exceptional effectiveness, minimal side effects, and ultimately enhancing the well-being of patients.

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Investment stage and needs

BEAT THERAPEUTICS raised pre-seed funding. Our key milestone it to take this first-in-class therapy into the first trials in humans, with a 4.4M€ funding needs.



Pitch deck

The X2.0 Acceleration Program


Ângela Carvalho
Co-founder & COO
Lucília Saraiva
Co-founder & CSO
Maria José Ferreira
Co-founder & Head of Manufacture.
Hugo Prazeres
Co-founder & CEO
Lúcio Lara Santos
Co-founder & Medical Affairs

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