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PRECURE offers its MLI® Solution as a subscription. The MLI® Solution includes three elements: MLI® Wearables to measure and analyze physical activity, MLI® Interface, a business intelligence platform providing a complete picture of muscle strain and enabling more effective management of improvements, and MLI® App through which the employee is informed immediately when the load is harmful and notified how to change behavior. By doing so, it empowers the individual/employee to prevent wear and tear. It is an easy-to-use solution with great value to health and safety efforts for both the employee and employer.

Industry domain

Occupational health
Digital Health Tech
Smart wearables

Investment stage and needs

Round will be opened from the second half of 2024. Purpose – to accelerate first application chip going to market and the second application chip development. We have grant funding until the end of 2024 to finalize the design of the first application chip and test the chip with end-users.

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The X2.0 Acceleration Program


Finn Bech Andersen
Søren Würtz

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