Our 4th Open Call Selections: Meet the 10 Startups Pushing the Boundaries of Smart Cities and Sustainability

Our 4th Open Call Selections: Meet the 10 Startups Pushing the Boundaries of Smart Cities and Sustainability

Introducing the 10 Startups Shaping a Sustainable Urban Future!

Running from October 10th to December 11th, 2023, the 4th Open Call attracted significant interest, with 92 successfully submitted.

A staggering 70% of the startups boast women in their core teams, reinforcing the project’s dedication to gender balance and inclusivity. Furthermore, 50% hail from Widening Countries, such as Serbia, Latvia, and Portugal, while one startup proudly holds the prestigious Seal of Excellence.

Smart cities and Sustainability is one of the major challenges of our times. How to keep growing in a sustainable way? How to get the cities to be respectful with the environment and citizens, and how to enhance the quality of life for residents?

The ten selected startups for the 4th OC are deeply working on finding solutions.

Here’s a glimpse into the ten startups that made the cut:

MinervaS (Italy): Pioneering eco-friendly mobility solutions, MinervaS offers a patented software tailored for logistics and car-sharing. This innovative solution slashes energy and fuel consumption while reducing emissions by an impressive 30% across all road vehicles.

Cloudcity (Serbia): Providing a data analytics and management platform designed specifically for cities.

TechNovator (Poland): Revolutionizing energy transfer with an entirely new method based on energy quantization. Their technology can simultaneously charge low, medium, and high-power devices with up to 95% efficiency, without cables or battery replacement.

Tunnl (Sweden): Serving as a digitized transport operator for small towns unable to afford local public transport, Tunnll ensures efficient transportation over short distances.

INRES (Turkey): A game-changer in the realm of recycling, INRES contributes to the circular economy through innovative aluminum recycling processes.

VePa (Germany): Introducing a rotary parking system capable of storing and charging 12 cars within a compact 45m2 footprint.

Safety Environmental Engineering (Italy): Developed a patented artificial intelligence system capable of detecting and identifying anomalies and faults at the panel level, ensuring safety and efficiency.

Pin Bike (Italy): Promoting proximity trade and bolstering local economies by means of a gamification platform.

At IT-c (Hungary): Developed a decision-making software that controls traffic lights using real-time data from the road, optimizing traffic flow and safety.


Cube Plus (Finland): A smart urban bench equipped with innovative features, including the ability to generate clean and free energy.


The selection process was rigorous, guided by X2.0’s commitment to fostering diversity, excellence, and innovation.

From the X2.0 team, we are proud and excited to support these promising startups and witness their growth, as they strive to achieve their objectives and make a positive impact on society!