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TechNovator invented an absolutely new method of energy transfer based on energy quantization, a principle first put forward by Max Planck in 1901. Max Planck postulated that energy was quantized and could be emitted or absorbed by a small unit of energy known as quantum. We mastered this principle. Our technology is able to charge low, medium, high power devices simultaneously over a distance with really high efficiency up to 95% without cables and battery replacement. Our quantum technology will change several industries: consumer electronics, transportation, healthcare. 

Industry domain

Quantum charging technology
Consumer electronics




Investment stage and needs

We are looking for the EUR 5m (could be divided for several years).

Pitch deck

The X2.0 Acceleration Program


Ruslana Dovzhyk
CEO, Co+founder
Igor Lykhovyi
Head of R&D, COO & Co-founder
Arkadii Romanenko
CTO & Co-founder
Leszek Sawicki
Product Chief Officer

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