Smart Cities and Sustainability


 AluAir revolutionizes the energy sector with its innovative aluminum-air battery technology, generating both hydrogen gas and electricity. Its cost-effective and space-efficient design positions it as a game-changer, contributing to a circular economy through aluminum recycling. This breakthrough solution offers an eco-friendly, economically viable alternative for on-site hydrogen production with grid independence, aligning with global sustainability goals. 

Industry domain

Hydrogen Production
Primary Metal-Air Battery




Investment stage and needs

AluAir is in Product Development stage and requires a total funding of 500,000 euros, with specific allocations for new hiring, operational costs, marketing, and product development. 

Pitch deck

The X2.0 Acceleration Program


Soheil Malekghasemi
Asker Sebati
Co-Founder/Electrical Electronics Engineer/Business Developer
Seyfettin Vadi
Co-Founder/ Electrical Electronics Engineer/ Product Development
Medine Sinem Çetin
Chemist / R&D/ Production
Dilara Kale
Chemistry Technician / R&D/ Production

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