Intelligent Traffic-control

Smart Cities and Sustainability


At IT-c developed a decision-making software, that is capable of controlling the traffic lights using real-time data from the road. The algorithm uses live traffic data to calculate the optimal changing frequency of the lights, with intersection specific expectations (priority to public transport, cyclists, or simply optimised flow). Their system is scalable and applicable to intersections of any complexity, and designed to leverage connectivity in order to establish a network of intelligent intersections 

Industry domain

Smart Mobility
Smart City 
Traffic management 


Investment stage and needs

IT-c since its inception focused on growing using a bootstrapping strategy. The company was also awarded equity-free grants to help with business development. Right now, the investment stage is Seed. 

Pitch deck

The X2.0 Acceleration Program


Boldizsar Fejes
Matyas Duna
Vince Sajosi
Tech Lead

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