Who are the winning startups in the 5th Open Call: Data and AI?

startups in Data and AI

X2.0 team is delighted to have these brilliant startups on board and is eager to witness their growth!

Are you curious about them? Take a look at the startups’ catalogue and download their pitch decks!

EdgenAI (Portugal): EdgenAI enables organizations to harness the full potential of Generative AI (GenAI) while maintaining absolute data privacy

Recrewty doo (Montenegro): Recrewty creates tailored psychometric test procedures for companies and offers affordable and user-friendly professional selection solutions based on Psychometrics and AI

Costifier (Turkey): Costifier is an AI software that assists enterprises in achieving cost-effective and sustainable supplier selection. Recrewty creates tailored psychometric test procedures for companies.

MotionsCloud (Germany): MotionsCloud, an inspectech/insurtech company, helps vehicle/property insurance companies, fleet management companies, and airlines streamline and automate inspections/claims processes using AI computer vision, augmented reality, and IoT tech, thereby reducing processing time and costs

Gatewai (France): Gatewai is developing Copilex, a reliable AI-powered legal assistant that significantly reduces the time required to perform long and complex legal tasks

Neuralfinity (Germany) Neuralfinity is building Gravity, a specialised Large Language Models (LLMs) platform that equips companies with all the necessary tools to seamlessly integrate LLMs into their workflows

FiveBrane (Armenia): FiveBrane provides a data science platform for Med-Tech companies to build reliable and cost-effective medical imaging AI solutions.

DimensionLab (Slovakia): Dimension Lab has developed the Siml.ai platform, which performs physical simulations at unprecedented speeds

Smarthink (Italy): Smarthink offers e-learning services for companies and training institutions

The Spendbase (Estonia): Spendbase offers a platform for companies to optimize SaaS, Cloud, and Corporate card spending, aiming to make these expenditures more efficient, effective, and user-friendly

The Crucial Role of Mentorship

Embarking on the journey toward sustainable growth and maturity is a thrilling yet challenging endeavour for any startup. 

Receiving mentorship and reinforcing areas to make strategic decisions are crucial in responding to market needs while offering a valuable and innovative solution, even if the market may not be ready yet.

The ten selected startups will benefit from the expertise of more than 200 Impact Builders to select from the X2.0 Catalogue. As illustrated in the table below, all the offered services are highly sought after. The most demanding services are Financing/Investment Seeking, followed by Business Development/Scaling and Promotion & Communication.


Type of Service  # Applicants
Financing / Investment Seeking 118
Deeptech / Scientific Needs 89
Business Development / Scaling-up 100
Promotion & Communication 95
Internationalization / Soft-landing 75
Commercialization & Legal Needs 73

Selecting the Top 10 Startups: Behind the Evaluation Process

In this Open Call, 160 startups finalized their applications, with 25 different countries represented. For the evaluation process, the X2.0 Project is focused on Widening Countries within Europe, as well as companies with women in leadership roles and as part of core teams, and those having a Seal of Excellence (SoE).

It is important to note that despite giving priority to companies that meet at least one of the three criteria, evaluators also considered program fit according to needs, the theme of this Open Call, and impact. The majority of startups (70%) have women in their core teams, 70% are from a Widening Country (Portugal, Montenegro, Slovakia, Armenia, Estonia, Turkey), and two have a SoE.