Wanted: Service providers in Internationalisation, commercialisation, and legal needs

Experts in internazionalization, Commercialization and legal needs

X2.0 is looking for Impact Builders able to support the startups for the first Open Call in Manufacturing & Circular Economy


There are only 15 days left for our first Cut-off for Impact Builders’ selection. Firstly, let us introduce you to what it means to be an Impact Builder, and of course, what is this amazing project that you can be part of.

X2.0 is an exciting EU-funded project that aims to support European deeptech startups to upskill and become the future leaders of Europe. To achieve this exciting challenge, it is necessary to have expert service providers in the different key areas to get a startup off the ground. We are looking for experts who provide need-based, custom, industry-focused growth services to them, mainly experts in internationalization, commercialization, and legal aspects.

Are you an expert in the following areas?

Internationalisation: Services such as finding local partners, market analysis and feasibility studies, logistic issues resolution, bootcamps, needs assessment to start internationalization for products and services, mentorship regarding specifications on different countries, markets, and target groups, supply, and demand information.

Commercialisation and legal needs: Services such as legal advice for companies, certification consultancy, patents consultancy, IPR assessment, market needs pre-assessment, company’s strategy alignment with market.

Then, do not miss the chance to become an Impact Builder in X2.0!

How do you know If you are an Impact Builder?

Impact Builders can be incubators, accelerators, DIHs, legal firms, etc that provide supporting services to startups that generate impact and scaling up, from finance seeking to communication and promotion services, including internationalisation activities as well as deeptech needs, business development & scaling up, and commercialisation & legal needs.

We are building a strong network of Impact Builders, with anyone willing to support startups but mainly looking for certain experts in internationalization, commercialization and legal aspects, who will ideally bring in explicit know-how and resources tailored specifically to the startups needs.

How does it benefit you?

 The project will distribute €1.5M in vouchers of up to 30k€ to each startup to pay for your services.

  • Economic benefits for the provision of required services (reimbursed services).
  • Establishment of business relationships with 50 promising companies in different fields with the potential to lead Europe.
  • Attendance to events, seminars, and meetings organized by the consortium.
  • Ability to promote your company and activities on the project’s website and social networks.
  • Participation in a startup support program financed by the European Commission.
  • Be part of the X2.0 community with networking opportunities with other relevant stakeholders through a dedicated communication channel.

When would you start providing services to startups?

You would start offering your services from April until September 2023.

Are you eligible?

Entities and individuals can apply. Only applicants legally established/resident in any of the following countries are eligible:

  •         The Member States (MS) of the European Union (EU), including their outermost regions.
  •         The Overseas Countries and Territories (OCT) linked to the Member States.
  •         Horizon Europe-associated countries.

For further information regarding eligibility, submission processes, negotiation terms, and award criteria check the guidelines document.

How to apply and Cut-off

If this information sounds good to you, please send us your  Expression of Interest.

Two weeks left to the Cut off for EoI in Manufacturing & Circular Economy – 15th Feb.

You can still apply after this date, but your EoI will be considered for the next rounds of startups and not for the ones in the Manufacturing & Circular Economy sector.

Any question

If you still have questions about the project, or about the application process, please get in touch with us at impactbuilders@x2-0.eu or get in touch with us through our social media: Twitter and Linkedin.

We look forward to hearing from you and, of course, to receiving your Expression of Interest.