Building Bridges to Success: Why should your company invest in X2.0-selected startups?

Attention all corporations seeking novel innovations, strategic partnerships, and investment opportunities!

X2.0 is extending an invitation to become a part of our vibrant and thriving community. Are you on the hunt for exceptional talent and groundbreaking solutions to invest in? We have an exciting opportunity for visionary companies who are eager to explore the extraordinary potential of Europe’s top 50 deeptech startups across various sectors. We invite remarkable, forward-thinking corporates to discover and connect with the most talented and innovative minds in the European tech scene. 

Already we’re thrilled to welcome Innovin, Profilink OODD, Mondragon, Iberdrola, CAF S.A, Cinfa y OTP banka Srbija – truemasters in the domains of the chemical industry, production of PVC profiles, energy and sustainability, rail solutions, and banking sectors. 

Why should your company invest in X2.0-selected startups? Firstly, collaboration with startups fosters the exchange of cutting-edge technologies, allowing companies to stay at the forefront of advancements and maintain a competitive edge. Secondly, startups often bring fresh perspectives, agility, and disruptive ideas, which can inject new life into established organizations. Additionally, partnering with startups enables access to specialized expertise, talent, and potential solutions to complex problems.

Ready to grow?

Take part in our first Pitching Day with 10 innovative deeptech startups specializing in Manufacturing & Circular Economy.

When: July 20th at 10:00 CET

How: Register here!

What else? Get in touch at or connect with us here: Twitter and LinkedIn.

Be the perfect fit for our network:

We are currently looking for corporations with a keen interest in connecting with 50 deeptech startups across key sectors that will bring real sustainability impacts across Europe. Our winning teams span 5 verticals (10 startups per category):

  • Manufacturing & Circular Economy
  • AgriTech
  • HealthTech & BioTech
  • Smart Cities & Sustainability
  • Data & A.I

Not fitting into any of these categories? Even if your company operates in a different vertical, innovation, circularity and sustainability are cross-cutting and crucial for any sector.

What are the benefits of joining X2.0? 

  • Engage with Europe’s 50 most promising deeptech startups that have proven their solvency and relevance in their respective sectors.
  • Attend corporate pitching days with startups offering solutions to your biggest challenges 
  • See your needs promoted in future calls, ensuring our future selected startups are 100% aligned with market demands. 
  • Gain traction and visibility through this EU-funded project while expanding your network across the strongest European innovation and deeptech ecosystems

Why should your company support our innovative startups?

Startups applying for our open calls undergo a rigorous evaluation process by external skilled evaluators. The selected startups are highly competitive and offer deeptech solutions with significant impact.

Collaborations are set in the following needs areas:

  • Pilot running and product testing
  • R&D opportunity
  • Mentorship
  • Corporate Venturing
  • New business model exploration (i.e. exclusive distribution, profit sharing, IP sharing, etc.)
  • Knowledge sharing and tech transfer