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startups in agritech

Check out our 10 winning startups in AgriTech!

AgriTech is a booming sector, getting small-scale farmers to industrial agriculture on board with the Agriculture 4.0 transition: a necessary shift towards sustainability with the adoption of advanced technologies. X2.0 is delighted to have selected ten winning startups that are playing a crucial role in this shift from precision agriculture technologies to beekeeping and chemical spraying with AI assistance (to optimise honey production and reduce chemical usage). These companies are helping to reduce waste, disease and risk while increasing yields, allowing for more precise and sustainable farming practices.

Startup Country
Agrovisio OU Estonia
Flypard Analytics GmbH Germany
Silklytics Estonia
Beehold Serbia
ATAR AI Serbia Ireland
Databaum Germany
Ficosterra Spain
Veles Sense Serbia
Smart Watering Solutions doo Serbia

Although X2.0 is geared towards early-stage startups that require scaling services, this project accepts companies in various stages of development. The graph below illustrates that these startups are in mixed stages of development:

Despite this, all services provided by X2.0 through the Impact Builders and tailor-designed mentoring program are highly sought after. Of the six services addressed in this project, “Financing & Investment Seeking” remains a crucial needs area, regardless of development stage. 

Type of Service  Applicants
Financing / Investment Seeking 8
Deeptech / Scientific Needs 6
Business Development / Scaling-up 6
Promotion & Communication 4
Internationalization / Soft-landing 6
Commercialization & Legal Needs 6

It is also worth noting that 80% of the final selected, that is eight out of ten, have women in their core team. X2.0 takes the gender gap seriously and wants to ensure that all of the five programs are supporting companies which do, too. 

Also of note is the support of companies belonging to Widending Countries. These countries may be at a disadvantage in comparison to strong innovator countries with more investment into R&D&I. Providing extra support to countries to help fill gaps in business opportunities and innovation practices is crucial. The results from this second Open Call indicate that the majority of startups are coming from a Widening Country (60%). 


Follow X2.0 as this project continues to update on the development of these winning startups!