Silklytics OÜ



Silklytics OÜ’s product is the on-the-spot usable plant nutrients multi-analyser test/chip for the farmers and enterprises of precision agriculture (PA) (including hydroponics, vertical agriculture). Product contains 3 main components: analysis test (for single or multiple minerals), analysis reader, data collective, interpretative and action recommendation giving software platform. Test is suitable for different sample types: water, plant sap, soil. As it is full work-flow product, it helps to solve nutrient problems proactively and achieve higher levels of quality and yield in crop.

Industry domain

Lab on a chip


Precision agriculture


Investment stage and needs

Round will be opened from the second half of 2024. Purpose – to accelerate first application chip going to market and the second application chip development. We have grant funding until the end of 2024 to finalize the design of the first application chip and test the chip with end-users.

Pitch deck

The X2.0 Acceleration Program


Hanno Evard
CEO (Co-founder)
Airiin Laaneväli
CBO (Co-founder)
Indrek Saar
CTO (Co-founder)
Naila Nasirova
PhD student

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