PNA Technolodji DOOEL Skopje

Manufacturing & circular economy
North Macedonia


E-metrix: Your partner in optimizing manufacturing efficiency. This cutting-edge solution enhances production continuity and OEE through real-time downtime tracking and transparent manufacturing processes. E- metrix helps differentiate planned and unplanned stops, providing actionable insights.
Our platform increases visibility, enabling stakeholders to contribute to machine utilization growth. With potential to boost productivity by up to 50%, E-metrix leverages OEE industry standards to measure and analyze data, ensuring reliability, actionability, and resilience against human errors.


Industry domain

IT and Industrial Automation

Investment stage and needs

Go To Market phase. Looking for 1Mil investment.

Pitch deck

The X2.0 Acceleration Program


Aleksandar Popovikj
Andrej Evtimov
Marketing Specialist

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