Startup Pitching Day – AgriTech

Date: 2023/04/24

Curious about the stories behind our 10 innovative AgriTech startups?

Don’t miss the opportunity and join our upcoming Pitching Day!


On 2nd November 2023  from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m CET, our 10 innovative deep-tech startups from AgriTech cohort will be showcasing their groundbreaking innovations, and remarkable achievements, and kickstarting potential discussions with EU corporates, SMEs and investors.

We are calling all EU corporates, SMEs, and investors interested to learn about novel deep-tech solutions and generate impact-oriented business relationships to tune in to the event.


  1. Agrovisio OU
  2. Geopard
  3. Silklytics
  4. Beehold
  5. ATAR AI
  7. databaum
  8. Ficosterra
  9. Veles Sense
  10. Smart Watering Solutions doo

Each startup will present a 5-minute pitch followed by a 5-8 minute Q&A session with participants, so bring your questions with you!

The webinar will be via Zoom and fully given in English by Aleksander Zobec, Project Manager in X2.0.

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