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Neuralfinity is building Gravity, a specialized LLM platform that equips companies with all the necessary tools to seamlessly integrate LLMs into their workflows. With pre-built integrations for SAP, Salesforce, File Shares, and more, companies can connect their internal data with an LLM in just a few clicks. Gravity excels in handling sensitive data and enables deployment on-premises, ensuring security and compliance. Their platform is versatile, catering to various scenarios, whether it’s building a chatbot, an autonomous AI agent, or crafting a custom LLM from scratch tailored to your specific use case. 

Industry domain

Generative AI
Large Language Models
Machine Learning





Investment stage and needs

To date, Neuralfinity have acquired our pre-seed funding through grants amounting to € 90k from organizations based in Hamburg. Their next milestone involves securing a seed round in 2024.

Pitch deck

The X2.0 Acceleration Program


Yuliia Butovchenko
Co-Founder & COO
Jannik Malte Meissner
Co-Founder & CEO

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