New European Innovation Agenda

the New European Innovation Agenda

What is new in the New European Innovation Agenda?

The New European Innovation Agenda is a strategic initiative proposed by the European Union to support innovation, research and development across Europe. The agenda aims to create a favorable environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, strengthen the scientific and technological base of the EU, and enhance the competitiveness of European industries. 

The new Agenda is focused on closing the EU-level scale-up and deeptech gaps compared to third countries where growth-stage technology companies are more prevalent and the importance of funding experimentation and testing infrastructures to support start-ups. For start-ups and companies, the most exciting initiative is perhaps the push to attract 45 billion euros of private capital to be invested in deeptech companies. To achieve this, the Agenda proposes the creation of a European Innovation Council (EIC) to make it easier for startups, SMEs, and research organizations to access funding from private capital sources. In addition to the EIC, the European Union is also working on other initiatives, such as the Capital Markets Union, which aims to improve access to finance for businesses of all sizes through deeper and more integrated capital markets.

In addition to previous Agendas, there is the proposal to create “regional innovation valleys” to strengthen and better connect innovation actors, especially in regions that lag behind, attracting and retaining talent through training and ensuring greater support for women innovators. Promoting regional development will be done by leveraging the strengths of clusters and encouraging collaboration between universities, research institutions, and businesses. By establishing a community of regions that meet local challenges and needs, a solid foundation will be established reducing the innovation gap while simultaneously building a stronger, more cohesive, and competitive European Union. 

The X2.0 project strives to be part of the Agenda’s vision by connecting you with start-ups as an essential step in driving innovation. Together, we can tackle fragmentation and create a unified, stronger Europe.