#3 AgriTech & Bioeconomy Innovation Hub

RootCamp is an innovation hub for startups in AgriTech and Bioeconomy, empowering them to scale and make a significant impact in the world.

What does RootCamp GmbH offer? 

RootCamp services cater to international startups at all stages, offering an acceleration curriculum for early-stage ventures and fuelling the growth of later-stage startups. Additionally, RootCamp bridges the gap between startups and corporate partners, assisting large and medium-sized companies in achieving their strategic objectives through corporate innovation, startup collaboration, and risk-free access to innovation.

Aquapurna and CROPT: Achieving Growth Through Collaboration

Aquapurna GmbH is a land-based shrimp farming startup, that partnered with K+S through RootCamp to develop a salt premix called Gambasal for shrimp production. Aquapurna benefited from technical support and a customized product solution from K+S, while K+S gained insights into shrimp farming and customer demand. The collaboration resulted in a cost-efficient premix for Aquapurna and enhanced technical knowledge for K+S, showcasing RootCamp’s commitment to startup growth.

CROPT, a satellite-driven precision agriculture startup, partnered with K+S through RootCamp to develop a fertiliser recommendation system. Leveraging agronomic expertise and precision agriculture technology, the project aimed to achieve over 80% accuracy in yield prediction. Collaborating with EzyAgric in Uganda, data were collected to develop models and generate fertiliser recommendations. The project resulted in a platform for farmers, offering test accounts for evaluation and improvement. This collaboration showcased RootCamp’s commitment to startup growth, empowering farmers with data-driven insights and promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

“With RootCamp we have direct access to corporates that understand digital transformation importance for their business and the opportunity to run pilot projects with them.” – Dmitry Demetiev – Geopard Agriculture

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