#2 Furtherance Consulting

Furtherance Consulting offers Sales consulting as well as Fundraising consulting services for startups.

What does Furtherance Consulting offer? 

Due to our past 6 years of experience working with different startups, from Early-stage to Late-Stage startups, as well as different VC investors from Europe, we have gathered an interesting approach to help startups be successful in their early-stage process both on the sales and fundraising front.

Sales Consulting service focus on optimizing a startup’s sales processes through crafting of an outbound lead generation strategy, the implementation of lead generation and sales automation tools as well as CRM setup. Lastly we also help with the preparations and meeting negotiations with clients.

Fundraising Consulting service focuses on guiding startups in crafting a compelling pitch deck as well the financial projections to help startups attract more investors. After the first part, we help them craft an investor outreach plan as well as connect them with our network of investors who might be interested in the startups solution.

Tapni, a success story

Tapni, a 2021 startup providing digital business cards, sought our consultancy to enter the B2B market, raise €300k funding, develop a tailored sales plan, and achieve €2M in sales by 2023.

For fundraising, we polished Tapni’s financial documentation and revamped their investor deck. We also redefined the Tapni brand story and reached out to investors from our pool as well as through direct outreach via LinkedIn to European investors.

In terms of B2B sales, we conducted thorough research to identify the ideal customer personas for Tapni’s B2B product. Based on this research and our market analysis, we implemented effective sales processes. This involved integrating HubSpot CRM software to manage a database of contacts and deals, seamlessly integrating HubSpot with Tapni’s website and social media channels, creating messaging templates for different buyer personas etc.

We succeeded in a 3-month period by refining financial docs, redesigning the investor deck, reaching out to investors, researching customer personas, implementing sales processes, and optimizing sales channels. Our collaboration with Tapni was a resounding success, proving valuable for both sides.

“Furtherance team was instrumental in our growth, helping us enter the B2B market, secure funding, and develop an effective sales plan. Their expertise and strategic guidance propelled our success, enabling us to achieve ambitious sales targets and land investors” – Mihajlo, CEO

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