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Manufacturing & circular economy


Fragment panels truly are the epitome of advanced design, skilled engineering, and painstaking artisanal know-how. They combine social
responsibility with high-end design while recycling glass minimizes waste, preserves natural resources, reduces energy use, and creates jobs in the
recycling industry. Eco-friendly panels with a unique aesthetic that transform waste glass (75%) and bring beauty into homes while taking care of nature.

Industry domain


Sustainable Architecture


Investment stage and needs

Having the TRL 9 product, Fragment needs an investment that would ensure scale-up in the field of processing Fragment plates and financing the costs of sales for entering the EU and Scandinavian markets.


Pitch deck

The X2.0 Acceleration Program


Pavle Milošević
CEO co-founder
Marija Marković
Art Director and co-founder
Pavle Spasojević

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